About Trevally

The Company

Established in 2009 the Philippine boat builder Trevally Boats was born out of a need for a seaworthy, durable and efficient boat that would facilitate one of the company’s founders requirements for a craft that would take him around the Philippine islands safely, efficiently and comfortably.

As many good things in life the company came about completely unintentionally.

The search for this elusive seaworthy hull led to the creation of a company built around manufacturing top quality boats for the Philippine market that will not just take you out safely on a calm day but allow you to still enjoy the sea even when other boats start to seek shelter.

Now having committed ourselves to being a top quality Philippine boat manufacturer we have translated the demands that the ocean places on boats and build our vessels accordingly so when your out there you know that you can rely on the hull beneath your feet.

Our Showroom is Located at 9641 Kamagong St. San Antonio Village Makati City


Changing the Game in Philippine Boat Building.

We at The Trevally Boat Company have been working very hard over the past year to bring our products up to international standards.Our goal was to create a line of boats that are true production boats assuring us the quality of finish and durability achieved through a process employed by the top boat builders worldwide. And we have achieved this. Initially with our 25 Ahi and very soon with the Brand New 26GT. We have achieved this by ensuring that all the parts of our boats are pulled from moulds that are completely perfect. This ensures that all parts pulled are finished and ready to go and are contaminant free from the High quality Isopthalic Gel Coat to the multiple layers of laminate.

Don’t be fooled by fancy paintjobs and spray over gel coat work that is common among Filipino boat builders that look good now but will eventually bubble and crack. Gel coat should be sprayed into moulds and laminated over providing the best chemical and mechanical bond between the gel coat and laminate this will ensure that no contamination occurs providing a long last finish that should not bubble or crack. A Higher quality product is achieved by eliminating the use of low quality resins such as orthophthalic resin which over time has the tendency to shrink and absorb water. At Trevally Boats we only use Vinyl ester and Isopthalic resins. We have eliminated the use of Woven Roving materials in favor of Stitched non woven mat for maximum mechanical strength in our hulls and Decks. This helps us increase strength while reducing weight due to the lower resin consumption rate of non woven mat. A strict lamination schedule is followed ensuring proper strength all around. Wood has been eliminated in favor of High Density PVC foam coring which allows us to increase strength while reducing weight. Unlike wood, foam does not rot ensuring long lasting decks. No Fiberglass fuel tanks. Fuel Systems on all Trevally Boats feature either Aluminum or Rotationally molded plastic Fuel Tanks ensuring the fuel remains contaminant free and E10 Fuel resistant.

Trevally Boats use a Full Grid Fiberglass Stringer system on all its boats forming the rigid rot free backbone everyboat should have.

These are only a few attributes of a Trevally to learn more please ask us and we would be glad to tell you more.



The Trevally Boat proved to be seaworthy, capable of comfortable maintaining 18 to 22 knots in varying rough sea conditions we experience around the Philippines. Ideal for an array of different purposes especially in rescue situations.

Traveling long distances proved to be economical. It keeps the crew dry and has a comfortable motion and that you’d be able to stay out in the sea the whole day.

The thing I like most is the seat configuration that allows the driver easy navigation and lots of storage space. The most outstanding feature of the Trevally boat is the whole concept of the soft riding hull, top sides and the inboard engine.

- Jerry Rollin Chairman and Principal Race Officer of Philippine Hobie Challenge Regatta